Sew a Season - Row by Row Experience for 2024

We are excited to, once again, participate in the Row by Row experience. You can access our Fabric Kit at Sew a Season Row by Row – 2024 

Event Dates: June 1 – August 31

You can go to the Row by Row Experience website to see a list or map of participating shops ( You can visit the shops in  person or virtually! Each quilt shop has their own unique pattern for a row in a quilt.

Visit a shop in person to receive their Row by Row pattern for FREE! No shop nearby? Visit the shops virtually to find their rows as a fabric kit. Free patterns only available in stores.

Challenge Dates: July 1 – September 30

Finish a quilt with 8 different 2024 Row by Row row designs! For a quilt to be considered “finished” it needs to be quilted, bound and labeled.

Be the first to bring your completed 2024 Row by Row quilt into a participating shop to win a bundle of 15 fat quarters! Only one winner per shop, call ahead to make sure they haven’t had one yet.


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We are very excited to have a new Facebook site that merges Holly’s Quilt Cabin and Mountainpeek Creations. We will be posting current information on events, fabrics, patterns, classes and more. Check us out and follow us at

Lori Holt’s Autumn

Along with Lori Holt’s Mercantile line and her books, patterns, and notions, we’ve received her Autumn line as well. Be sure to check it out when you enter the store!

Moda’s Shoreline

If you like blues and greens, check out this new line.

Allison Glass Fabrics & Kit

And be sure to check out our Allison Glass fabrics and new kit.


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About Holly’s Quilt Cabin

Holly’s Quilt Cabin was incorporated in 1996. We are a collective of quilters, teachers, and craft enthusiasts who are excited to share our knowledge of quilting with anyone who would like to learn about it. We sell high quality fabrics, kits, patterns, and other quilting items. We also have many classes led by our amazing teachers. Finally, if you’re just looking for some quality craftsmanship and need a gift or help putting your ideas onto cloth, we can help you with that, as well. We look forward to working with you, no matter what your quilting needs happen to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you tear your fabric?
It’s the best way to ensure that you get the fabric that is on-grain. Patches that are cut from on-grain fabric have the least stretch, are the easiest to sew, and will keep their shapes best. That will help the quilt lay flatter when it is all complete. We start every bolt with a tear strip so that when you go to order (for ex.) 1 yard from us, we measure out 1 yard at 36” + an extra inch for the raw edges that aren’t usable. This will make sure that you have 1 yard of on-grain usable fabric after you have used the torn edge as your guide to square up a clean edge for the pieces required for your pattern.

Do you recommend pre-washing your fabric?
Ask yourself if the item you are creating is ever going to be washed in the future. If the answer is ‘yes’ then here is why we recommend you pre-wash all fabric before starting. Different manufacturers use different greige goods and different processes to make that beautiful piece in front of you. 1) Shrinkage. Even though we sell 100% quilt-weight cotton, different greige goods shrink at different rates. Flannel shrinks differently than screen-print or Batik. 2) Chemicals. Fabric goes through a variety of processes before it reaches your LQS that often times includes a lot of chemicals including formaldehyde and pesticides. 3) Dye Bleeding. Bright colors can easily bleed into lighter colors. If you do decide to pre-wash, wash the fabric like you would wash the quilt.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes. We have events and sales that offer you savings through out the year. Be sure you are on our email list to take advantage of these discount. Type your email in the form below, and we will add you to our newsletter mailing list.
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Our birthday discount is tied with your Frequent Buyer card that we keep on file. When your card is full, any month out of the year, it is worth $25 off regular price merchandise. During your birthday month we double that full-card value to $50 off regular priced merchandise. You do not have to use your card on your birthday to get your $50 off, but you must use it in your birthday month. For either discount, you must spend the discount amount all in one transaction.

Is there a difference between the printed cottons found in chain stores and those found at your place?
YES! Premium brands like the ones we carry have a thread count of at least 60 by 60 threads, and most have thread counts higher than “60 square.” We carry only the top manufacturers and highest grade fabrics available.