Warp Speed

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Saturday, May 11 and Saturday, May 18 (2 day class)
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Instructor: Dana Jones

Skill level: All levels


Do you love traditional quilt blocks but you’re not a traditional quilter? This class is for you. You’ll select a traditional block to “warp.” We’ll do a few exercises toward helping you get to know the block: its lines, its underlying grid, its shapes, its angles, its use of color value. Then you’ll begin to “warp” your block. You will consider stretching it, condensing it, exploding it, reversing it, nesting it inside itself, flipping it, twisting it, repeating it, repeating it with variations. You’ll craft a design inspired by the traditional block that is a totally new creation, uniquely yours. You’ll then design a quilt using your warped block. The entire quilt may be one large block, it may be multiple blocks warped in multiple ways, it may be multiple blocks that are the same, it may be … the possibilities are endless. We’ll wrap up by learning to compute how much fabric you’ll need and creating a cutting chart. You’ll go home ready to make your own warped design.

A $15 supply fee will be paid to the instructor in class.

Note: We give a 15% discount on all class supply list items.

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