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Monday, October 23rd and Monday, October 30th (2 day class)

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Instructor: Dana Jones

“Warp Speed” came about out of a combination of factors. I love traditional quilt blocks but am not a traditional quilter. I love grids but I gravitate to irregular and sometimes invisible grids rather than the even grids seen in traditional quilts. When a quilt guild asked me to give a lecture on making quilts from blocks, I began thinking anew about blocks. I drew inspiration from two classes I took: Sarah Nishiura’s “Reconsider the Grid” and Maria Shell’s “Riffing on Tradition” to develop that lecture and to design several of my newest quilts. I began to wonder what would happen if I messed with log cabin blocks and then with the Ohio Star block. I want to play with churn dash next.

In this class, you’ll also start “messing” with and “warping’ a traditional block. You’ll select a block you like. We’ll do a few exercises toward helping you really get to know the block: its lines, its underlying grid, its shapes, its angles, its use of color value. Then you’ll begin to “warp” your block. You will consider stretching it, condensing it, exploding it, reversing it, nesting it inside itself, flipping it, twisting it, repeating it, repeating it with variations — the sky’s the limit to how you will warp your block.

Once you have your warp on, you’ll design a quilt using your warped block. When your design is finished, you’ll color it. Then you’ll decide how you want to construct your quilt top. We’ll wrap up by learning to compute how much fabric you’ll need and creating a cutting chart. You’ll go home ready to make your own warped design.

A $15 supply fee will be paid to the instructor in class.

Note: We give a 15% discount on all class supply list items. Each time you attend a class your name will be placed in a drawing for a $25 Gift Certificate. Drawings will be held at the end of each calendar quarter.

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